My hubby’s tasty steak and egg burgers


I am of opinion that my hubby is the best braaier in the world, so when I plan the week’s menu, I often allocate a day or two to him for a feast on the Weber or indoor braai. This week, however, he surprised me with a delicious steak and egg burger; no braai involved.

This is a great meal when you’re not in the mood for tons of dishes and you can add numerous other toppings to your taste. Thanks again hubs!


2 ciabata rolls

2 eggs

2 thinly sliced rump steaks, around the size of a ciabata roll

Cottage cheese

Basil pesto



1. Cut open the ciabata rolls and spread some cottage cheese and basil pesto on both sides generously. Place some lettuce on top of the pesto.

2. Pan-fry the steak according to how you like it – we when for medium. Place the steak on top of the lettuce.

3. Fry the egg in the same pan, it will soak up the yummy juices of the steak. Place the egg on top of the steak.

4. And voila! Enjoy with some Tabasco or other hot sauce.



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