Mango and banana popsicles


Nothing says summer like ice lollies! I especially like the fruity ones and these lollies that contains yogurt, real fruit and fruit juice makes for a smooth thirst quencher to be enjoyed while soaking up the sun.

Bananas are good for you:

1. Bananas help prevent kidney cancer

2. It is a natural antacid

3. Bananas improve your mood

4. It protects against heart-attacks and strokes

5. It counteracts calcium loss

For more click here.




16 tablespoons mango and banana yogurt

1 sliced banana

500 ml mango juice


1. Scoop 2 tablespoons of yogurt into each lolly container.

2. Add a few slices of banana to the containers.

3. Fill each container with mango juice.

4. Freeze for 5 hours and enjoy!


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