Chocolate cheesecake ice cream


My husband and I have two nephews who absolutely adore dessert. They’re those kids who eat every last vegetable on their plates for fear that they won’t be granted the grand prize of whatever dessert may follow. For this reason I try to make something different every time they come to visit. I never tell them what I concocted until it’s time to dish up; the anticipation on their faces for having to wait for the surprise is priceless.

I recently made this chocolate cheesecake ice cream as I am totally in love with my Krups ice cream maker. It was a hit with the kids and their parents alike.


400 ml condensed milk

200 ml plain cottage cheese

150 ml plain yogurt

250 ml cream

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

180 g dark chocolate

90 g milk chocolate


1. Beat together the condensed milk and cottage cheese. Add the plain yogurt and cream.

2. When all is mixed well, whisk in the vanilla essence. Keep in the refrigerator while preparing the chocolate.

3. Melt the dark and milk chocolate in a saucepan over a low heat. This might take a while, but be careful that the chocolate doesn’t burn.

4. Churn your the cream mixture according to your machine’s specifications.

5. After the ice cream is scooped into a container to freeze, dish the chocolate into the ice cream. Use a knife to mix it into the ice cream so that it creates swirls.


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