Yogurt and coriander chicken wings


My hubby and I often try to take a midweek break. We relax with a home-brewed beer, some Edward Sharpe or Fink playing in the background and light a fire for a braai. These moments are so precious – we reminisce about the days gone past, dream about future adventures and have a laugh about something our African Grey parrot said.

For this week’s break we opted for chicken wings and corn on the cob, and my hubby once again didn’t fail to amaze with his braaiing skills. These wings would make a great appetizer with a chunky chilli and pepper sauce.


Recipe adapted from Spoon Fork Bacon


8 chicken wings

200 ml plain yogurt

Juice of 1 lemon

Handful of fresh coriander leaves

5 ml smoked paprika


1. Place the chicken wings in a bowl and sprinkle some salt and pepper over them.

2. Mix the yogurt, lemon juice, coriander and paprika in a separate bowl.

3. Pour the mixture over the chicken wings and leave it in the fridge for around 8 hours.

4. Grill the chicken wings on a Weber or over an open fire. Serve with corn on the cob and fresh coriander.



4 thoughts on “Yogurt and coriander chicken wings

  1. This looks amazing! Sune and her husband really do justice to the South African braai. It is always a highlight for me when I visit Pretoria. So much so that l need to stop at my local pharmacy for some gout medication!! But it is all worth it. Tasty food prepared with skill and passion.

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