My hubby’s pineapple beer


When stepping into the kitchen, my hubby excels at two things: preparing breakfast and brewing beer. He takes his brewing very seriously and the results are always impressive. With this pineapple beer though, no fancy brewing equipment is needed and less time and effort goes into the process.

The beer is quite sweet with a low alcohol level. It can be diluted with sparkling water for a muted pineapple flavour or enjoyed as a float with vanilla ice cream.




Stalks and peels of 3 medium pineapples

4 liter lukewarm water

800 g sugar

4 ml yeast

5 raisins


1. Pour the water in a big container. Add the sugar, yeast, pineapple stalks and peels and raisins.

2. Leave the mixture for around 5 days to brew. The raisins should rise to the top of the container.

3. Pour through a sieve into containers you can refrigerate.

4. Serve ice cold.



5 thoughts on “My hubby’s pineapple beer

    1. Hi Susan,
      The raisins do not add to the taste of the pineapple beer. Their function is simply to allow you to see when the beer is ready to strain (when they float to the surface). So it shouldn’t make a difference if you want to add 4 or 8, .
      Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 🙂

  1. Wow this sounds amazing! I love that it is totally unconventional in terms of beer…and incorporates one of my favorite fruits!

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