Add Some Butter is one year old: Five of the year’s best recipes!

Oh happy day! Today marks the first day of Spring – promising new life, growth and all-round happiness. It is also Add Some Butter’s first birthday!

It was a year of fierce experimenting in the kitchen; we tried something different just about every day. Some of the dishes were very successful, and others (that didn’t make it on the blog), let’s just say they needed some work. Thank you to my hubby for trying anything and everything I create, and for all his inputs to perfect the recipes and making this blog work. And thank you to everyone who stopped by Add Some Butter in its first year, I hope that you’ll enjoy our upcoming kitchen adventures.

Here are five of my favourite recipes of the past year:

banana-breadOuma Verona’s never-fail banana bread

milo-ice-creamMmm… milo ice cream

chicken-sandwich-with-dried-cranberries-1My new favourite sandwich: Chicken with dried cranberries

butternut-and-blue-cheese-pastaMy current favourite: Butternut and blue cheese pasta

strawberry-and-caramalised-peanut-salad-2Strawberry and caramalised peanut salad


6 thoughts on “Add Some Butter is one year old: Five of the year’s best recipes!

  1. I’m so glad I discovered your blog. The pasta looks amazing, and I love the looks of the sandwich and salad, too. Congratulations on a year of blogging!

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