Rooibos tea popsicles with mango and granadilla


Many a week starts with some kind of resolution. It may be to watch less television and reading more books, or keeping the house neat and tidy for unexpected visitors (they usually show up when there is an enormous pile of dishes). Most of the time, however, it has something to do with your diet – eating less carbs and more greens, minimising sugar intake, or even just cutting out caffeine.

It is much harder than it sounds, I know! But instead of making resolutions on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis, we should take just one day at a time – a quote from a really smart person :). These rooibos popsicles are deliciously refreshing and so very good for you. Rooibos tea is caffeine free, rich in minerals and antioxidants, and contains loads of vitamins when paired with the mango and granadilla.  It makes for a great snack or treat, and if you’re brave you can omit the sugar for an even healthier choice.



250 ml cooled rooibos tea

1 tablespoon sugar

8 teaspoons granadilla pulp

250 ml mango juice


1. Add the sugar to the tea and stir well.

2. Place a teaspoon of granadilla pulp in each container.

3. Fill each container half way with rooibos tea.

4. Fill the containers with mango juice and freeze for four hours.


One thought on “Rooibos tea popsicles with mango and granadilla

  1. Every morning I wake up and try to have a good healthy day! Today I’m wishing my morning had started with these popsicles in it!

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