Fruit shake


I have a confession to make. I love playing Spider Solitaire. I can’t help myself – trying to complete the game in under 90 moves has become a bit of an obsession. Obsession might be a strong word; let’s say it’s a race I have with myself and I HAVE to win. Competitive much?

The beauty of this fruit shake, apart from being a huge treat with the added bonus of vitamins from the fruit juice, is that I can indulge in it while playing a game or two of Spider Solitaire. It’s a win win situation! Wish me luck – today is the day I beat this game!



2 ripe chopped bananas

3 scoops of ice cream (I used this one)

500 ml fruit juice (I used 100 % tropical fruit juice)


1. Put the bananas, ice cream and fruit juice into a blender and whiz it up for a few minutes.

2. Serve ice cold.



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