Take five: Stick blenders

Firstly, an update on yesterday’s post: my hubby bought us a new printer/scanner. Yay! I’m really happy about this, ‘cos the new one is slightly smaller with cleaner lines and beautiful finishes. I hope this one lasts for the next 10 years.

I’m seeing a lot of gift lists on the internet at the moment. What to buy your mother, partner, sister, niece, the postman, the postman’s niece and the postman’s nieces cat. Yes, it’s getting out of hand. At least I know it’s VERY easy for anyone to get me a gift, because a) I have very specific interests, b) I love eating (so you can’t go wrong with cookies or chocolates) and c) I love cooking and will have to learn to love baking soon too (so anything for the kitchen, really).

Need ideas? 🙂 Here are five of my favourite stick blenders:


Morphy Richards







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