Banana and pineapple shake


The Academy Awards are just around the corner and I haven’t watched a single Oscar-nominated movie. It seems that the films that are nominated this year are on a higher standard than the previous few years – I’m making this assumption on film posters and cast and Wes Anderson and Clint Eastwood. Is my gut right, though? Any feedback on the nominees? Which film did you enjoy most?

I’m thinking of maybe having a movie marathon to catch up on all I’ve missed out. I’ll need some additional energy if I’ll be spending 12+ hours in front of a screen, and this banana and pineapple shake would be just the thing. It’s cool, creamy and super quick to prepare, so it won’t interfere with any screen time. If you use coconut milk instead of regular full cream milk, you’d actually get that real piña colada thing going. (Whyyyy Barry Manilow, whyyyyy??)


3 ripe chopped bananas

1 chopped pineapple

3 scoops vanilla ice cream (I used this one)

200 ml full cream milk


1. Put the bananas, pineapple, ice cream and milk into a blender and whiz it up for a few minutes.

2. Serve ice cold.



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