Take five: Frying pans + Competition! [Closed]

Many people would argue that a pan is a pan is a pan. In my opinion, this is not the case at all! There are many factors to consider when purchasing a frying pan.

Does it distribute heat evenly? I mean there is nothing worse that browning onions just to  discover that the ones in the middle of the pan are burnt beyond recognition versus the totally raw onions on the outskirts of the pan. Does it clean easily? I’m not the most eager dishwasher you’ll ever meet – and soaking a pan for days on end is not a good idea either. Does your lifestyle require you to invest in a non-stick pan that is rust and scratch resistant, and eco-friendly? Choose carefully, and consider asking the audience or phoning a friend for some advice. A good frying pan could last you a lifetime.

Win a R300 Yuppiechef voucher!

Simply follow me on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment below describing what delicious meal you will cook in your favourite frying pan. The winning dish will also feature as a post on Add Some Butter.

Competition closes on 23 March 2015. The competition is open for South African residents only. My hubby and I will judge the dishes and our decision is final.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I just really love Yuppiechef and would like to share the experience with you!

Here are five of my favourite frying pans:


de-buyerDe Buyer

green-panGreen Pan

le-creusetLe Creuset

tvs-mezzogiornoTVS Mezzogiorno


15 thoughts on “Take five: Frying pans + Competition! [Closed]

  1. Le Creuset is my choice, love the 2 handles.. I will make a awesome stirr fry or an omelette and I will use Add Some Butter delicious recipes!!

  2. Seeing that I will be cooking my latest invention “pan seared duck breast – l’orange”, I will have to with the Le Creuset. Keep up the blogging. Quality takes time and effort, and the results are everlasting.

  3. Le creuset all the way. Now lets get to the important part. In this pan I would flap jacks. You can eat it both ways. Sweet with Llyes syrup and butter or savory with scrambled egg, parmesan and bacon☺☺☺

  4. In our house food is VERY important! We wouldn’t dream of passing on a change to cook something special, and would never skip a meal! Breakfast is an especially big deal for us 🙂 Hubby and myself go all out in the mornings – green smoothies, scrambled egg spruced up with leftovers, coffee, toast, the works! For this reason I would choose the versatile Circulon pan. In my mind I can already see it sitting on my stove top, just waiting to cook cheesy omelettes, puffy little flapjacks, spicy huevos rancheros, tasty fishcakes, veggie fritters, French toast, potato rosti ,crispy bacon… the list is endless! I really love that this pan has a very reasonable price tag, it is oven safe (would be perfect for your bacon and onion frittata), dishwasher safe, and comes with a lifetime guarantee! IMHO the perfect pan to fit my needs!

  5. Frying pans are so important when cooking! Even though I can’t enter the competition since I live in the USA, I totally follow you on twitter 🙂 I would use the frying pan to make my next dinner – roasted sausages and peppers.

  6. Le Creuset whoohoo!

    Ok so in this lovely pan I will try my best to make….. a beer and artichoke risotto with crumbled parmesan cheese and cured ham. Lekker!!

  7. Le creuset pan
    I will make my banting friendly parmesan chicken! Its amazing and on the plus side..i fry it in butter mmm!!

  8. Circulon blooks like a fantastic pan for steak. Which I want to perfect. Looks oven proof, which means I can try smoking said steak.

  9. Making omelettes with sliced cheese grillers, sprinkled with spring onions, black pepper and gouda cheese, I always trust my thick base non-stick frying pan!

  10. I will make fried mushrooms and chicken breasts in a curry-peanut-coconut sauce, on pasta. Love your blog, Suné – keep up the good work.

  11. with my green pan i will make a salmon dish with greens and creme fraiche and fried noodles as it is the best way i figured out how to make salmon really yummy, all though the sauce always disappears in the middle of the pan and it is horrible then i have to make extra for the middle to be covered. still worth it.

  12. I will make my french toast with blue berries double cream and honey with bacon with the tvs mezzogiorno every morning!!!! The pan will be perfect for that.

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