Q+A with Angie Batis Durrant of Lucky Pony


There are two types of people in this world: 1) People who try hard to be cool and 2) People who were born so cool that they couldn’t be mediocre even if they tried.

Miss Angie Batis Durrant, creator of one of my favouritest blogs, Lucky Pony, are one of those shiny happy people. The blog is filled with inspiring and interesting posts that vary from design and illustration, fashion and travel, to food and photos of her beautiful baby girl Nina James Durrant. Trust me, you’ll be following this long-time blogger quicker than you can say excellent pretty things.

Explain your blog in three words: Collection of interesting things

What’s your favourite savoury ingredient to cook with? Crème fraiche

What’s your favourite sweet ingredient to cook with? Mango chutney

What’s your favourite kitchen tool? My Kitchen Aid

Who is your culinary icon? Gordon Ramsey

What is your favourite recipe book? My granny’s handwritten recipe book that she has had for years and will one day be mine

What meal or snack is your guilty pleasure? The Basil Twice Fried Beef from The Good Luck Club

What dish do you want to master but can’t seem to get right? A Brooklyn Blackout Cake

What was last night’s dinner? Chili Orange Pork Stirfry with Jasmine Rice

What’s your secret talent? I can dance with eyes closed and hardly ever bump into anything 😉

boston-cream-cupcake-6Boston Cream Cupcakes – Lucky Pony

choc-chip-cookies2Chocolate chip M+Ms and pecan nut cookies – Lucky Pony


Chocolate cake with dark Lindt chocolate icing – Lucky Pony

You can find Angie here:

Lucky Pony | Tiny Pony | Jobest | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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