Raspberry and banana shake


I have not heard a single comment about April Fool’s Day for the whole day. This is strange and makes me feel a little on edge, because, what did I miss? I’m really hoping that the huge petrol increase might be a joke, but I’m not betting any money on it. Did something funny happen to you today? Oh please, do tell!

You might think that this raspberry and banana shake is an April Fool’s joke because it’s so easy to put together. I really felt the need to share this with you: an easy and super delicious way to consume all those flu-busting vitamins before the germs can strike. According to Game of Thrones, winter is coming, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.



3 ripe chopped bananas

Handful of fresh raspberries

3 scoops Greek frozen yogurt (I used this one)

100 ml full cream milk

100 ml tropical fruit juice


1. Put the bananas, raspberries, frozen yogurt, milk and fruit juice into a blender and whiz it up for a few minutes.

2. Serve ice cold.


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