Q+A with Joanne Bruno of Eats Well With Others


I’ve been following Eats Well With Others for a few years now, not only for the fabulous recipes, but for Joanne Bruno’s unique style of writing. She’s witty, extremely funny and will put a smile on your face five times a week without fail.

Whether you are a hardcore vegetarian, looking for inspiration for meat-free Mondays or recipes for out-of-this world sweet treats, Joanne has your back. She is a MD/PhD student, was recently married to the.boy and runs marathons to raise money for cancer research. Oh, and she lives in New York City. But be warned: when you go check out Eats Well With Others, there is no turning back. 🙂

Explain your blog in three words: Vegetarian, whimsical, fun.

What’s your favourite savoury ingredient to cook with? Any orange vegetable! I can’t get enough of pumpkin, winter squashes, and sweet potatoes…it’s a year round obsession even though these are stereotypical fall veggies!

What’s your favourite sweet ingredient to cook with? I’m not sure if it counts as sweet, but CINNAMON. You could put it in anything, and I am sure to love it.

What’s your favourite kitchen tool? I’d have to say either my stand mixer or my food processor. I think I use both on a near daily basis.

Who is your culinary icon? Yotam Ottolenghi. Even though he’s not vegetarian, that man is a GENIUS with vegetables and is constantly putting together flavors that make me go WOW. My goal in life is to make all my veggies taste as good as his do!

What is your favourite recipe book? For savory things, it’s Plenty or Plenty More by Ottolenghi. For sweets, it’s the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook.

What meal or snack is your guilty pleasure? Living in NYC, I’m a sucker for a good slice of pizza, but I also could never turn down a good sweet potato fry.

What dish do you want to master but can’t seem to get right? Macarons! They are pretty hit or miss in my kitchen. Every time I think I’ve figured them out, something else goes wrong and I have to start all over again!

What was last night’s dinner? Sushi.

What’s your secret talent? I am very talented at making everything take longer than it should, especially in the kitchen. You can give me a meal that takes 30 minutes to make, and I promise I won’t have it on the table for at least an hour. It’s a gift.

Italian-wedding-soup-with-veggie-ballsItalian Wedding Soup with Veggie Balls – Eats Well With Others

triple-coconut-cream-pieTriple Coconut Cream Pie – Eats Well With Others

snickerdoodle-macaronsSnickerdoodle Macarons – Eats Well With Others

You can find Joanne here:

Eats Well With Others | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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