Yogurt breakfast parfait with pomegranate and almonds


I’ve been on a bit of a granola-for-breakfast high these last few weeks that I needed to adjust a little. Add some excitement to my life, you know? Live on the wild side and add some fresh fruit and seeds and nuts to our daily consumption of Greek yogurt. Because packing up our house requires a healthy breakfast and nerves of steel.

I’d say there are about 80 boxes packed with around 40 more to go. We have 6 days left to do this as the moving company will be picking up our stuff with their yellow and green truck on Monday. Nervous much? I’d say I was totally freaking out, but I’ve got these delicious breakfast parfaits with pomegranate and almonds to indulge in, so everything is well with the world. Aaaannnnddd with that I’m on my way to pack another box.




500 ml Greek yogurt

Handful of sunflower seeds

Handful of flax seeds

Handful of almond nibs

1 pomegranate



  1. Start with two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and layer the ingredients in a glass or bowl.
  2. Top with pomegranate and add honey to taste.



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