Apple and almond granola


The last few weeks has been such a crazy experience. We left everything we know behind in Pretoria and moved to the Western Cape, which by the way is very windy, rainy and chilly this time of year. My hubby and I are planning to settle in George, but in the meantime we are staying in Still Bay (in a little cottage in my mom’s backyard) while looking for property.

Still Bay is a quaint little town with a very slow pace – I really wish we could spend our time here relaxing, but we’ve been working vigorously. And for the energy to cope with work and everything that comes with the big changes in our lives, a good breakfast is key. This apple and almond granola is just the thing. The flavour combination reminds of an apple crumble , but it’s packed with healthy goodies like oats, raisins and flax seeds. You can add extra honey when serving to sweeten it a bit more.




200 g dried apples (you can cut them in small pieces if you want)

400 g oats

100 g raisins

150 g coconut

100 g flax seeds

100 g almond flakes

4 tablespoons honey

3 tablespoons butter

2 teaspoons cinnamon

Pinch of nutmeg

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon almond essence

1 egg white


1. Mix the apples, oats, raisins, coconut, flax seeds and almond flakes in a large bowl.

2. Add the honey, butter, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg and almond essence. Mix well to ensure that the oats is covered completely.

3. Stir in the egg white and place on a baking tray, spreading out the oats.

4. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Let it cool before serving with yogurt or milk.


8 thoughts on “Apple and almond granola

  1. Sune, This looks delicious:) It’s starting to really feel like fall now, with the leaves beginning to change and the temperatures dropping. The dried apple in this plus all the almond flavor and spices must be such an amazing morning pick-me-up!

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Seema. I’ve been going through a bit of an almond phase – I just cannot get enough of it. 🙂 Enjoy the fall, it will be winter before you know it.

      1. It’s such an easy flavor to use flexibly, too! And I know—I can’t believe September is almost over already! Thanks, again 🙂

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