No bake milk chocolate treats

no bake milk chocolate treats 1

My hubby and I watched Survivor: Cambodia over the weekend. Survivor is one of the very few reality series I like, and I really get into it. With the contestants eating only rice for 39 days (with a few exceptions), I’m constantly hungry when watching this show. Enter delectable bite-sized no-bake milk chocolate treats – they are the perfect treat when binge watching series. Also good for lunch boxes and picnics. 🙂

no bake milk chocolate treats 2


240 g milk chocolate

500 g butter

300 g Marie biscuits

500 g icing sugar

10 ml vanilla essence


  1. Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain marie.
  2. Crush the biscuits and add to the melted chocolate.
  3. Mix the icing sugar and vanilla essence with the biscuits and chocolate.
  4. Press the mixture in a shallow square dish and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. Cut into bite-sized pieces and serve with milk, tea or coffee.

4 thoughts on “No bake milk chocolate treats

  1. Haha okay I am not a Survivor addict, but I’m obsessed with Naked and Afraid… Mostly because it’s so bizarre and horrifying. But I definitely feel the same- I begin sympathy binge-eating as I watch people starve on TV. These look delicious and perfect for such an occasion 🙂

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