Vegetable soup with Thai red curry

Vegetable soup with Thai red curry 1

Reasons to love winter (there aren’t many in my opinion):

  • Woolly socks
  • Hot chocolate
  • Snuggling
  • Whales in the bay
  • This vegetable soup with Thai red curry

Vegetable soup with Thai red curry 2


4 onions, chopped

1 teaspoon garlic

1 teaspoon ginger

2 green peppers, diced

Bunch of celery, chopped

250 g mushrooms, sliced

4 carrots, sliced

Half a head of cabbage, chopped

200 g butternut, cubed

4 tomatoes

1 can tomatoes

500 ml vegetable or chicken stock

3 teaspoons Thai red curry paste

Juice of 1 lemon


  1. Fry the onions, garlic and ginger in a splash of olive oil.
  2. Add the green pepper, celery, mushrooms, carrots and cabbage and fry for about 10 minutes.
  3. Add the butternut, tomatoes, canned tomatoes, stock and curry paste and bring to a boil. Simmer for about an hour.
  4. Add the lemon juice and blitz with a handheld blender until smooth.
  5. Serve warm with fresh bread and butter.

8 thoughts on “Vegetable soup with Thai red curry

  1. Vegetable soup is my daughters favourite. About the whales do they come into the bay and are they visible from the shore near the NSRI place?

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