Thanks for visiting Add Some Butter! With so many blogs at our fingertips, I always think it is enjoyable to read the About page to discover who its creator is and why they started a blog.


I’m Suné, a translator, editor, graphic designer and wannabe writer and painter from Pretoria Still Bay. I am not a chef, but I like being adventurous in the kitchen – nothing makes me happier than seeing someone (especially my hubby) enjoy a meal I prepared. I also love eating real food, so you won’t see a lot of vegetarian, vegan or Paleo dishes on this blog.


Add Some Butter is about making people smile. Whether the recipes evoke memories or question marks about a flavour combination I tried out, it should make you want to roll up your sleeves and start your own kitchen adventure.

Why Add Some Butter?

I remember being told as a child by my mom and my ouma that a little extra butter can make a delightful difference to your food. I realised that it can change your life too when in 2013, while stuck in a monotonous job and struggling to live out my creativity, I decided to start a food blog and add some butter all the way.

Favourite foods?

This list could go on and on, but these are a few of my lasting favourites: pastas, curries, flapjacks and sweet corn and cheese bread with my hubby’s braaivleis. And I’m a total sucker for ice cream.

Favourite ingredients?

When baking, adding some extra butter makes a world of difference. For cooking, I cannot live without garlic and herbs and, in my opinion, cheese makes everything better.

Favourite quote?

There is no end to imagination in the kitchen – Julia Child



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