Cookbook Club: A Homegrown Table and a spinach, mushroom and egg breakfast bake


Our cookbook club feature for this month is Australian Masterchef winner Emma Dean’s A Homegrown Table. The recipe book contains over 100 recipes with seasonal, farm-fresh and foraged produce. The book portrays her sense of adventure and has a rustic, homey feel to it.

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Easy granola with pecan nuts

Granola with pecan nuts 1

A while back we made a short trip to Vanwyksdorp, a small town not far from where we live. I actually had no idea of the town’s existence until I read an article about it in a magazine. It was so refreshing to see a community function with only the basics, and with nature being the focus of everything. We had a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop and bought a bag of pecan nuts from one of the local farmers.

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Peanutty peanut butter granola

Peanut butter granola 1

Everyone grew up with peanut butter sandwiches in their lunchboxes, and LOVED them! Today I’d like to introduce to you the grownup version of those sarmies in the form of this peanut butter granola. I added honey to the mix which reminds me of the peanut butter and jam combo. It is crunchy and healthy and a brilliant breakfast to keep you going until lunch time.

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