Choc mint ice cream pancake pairing with Wellington Wines Pinotage


Of all the ice cream pancake and Wellington Wines pairings my hubby and I had the pleasure of tasting this week, this choc mint ice cream pancake pairing with Wellington Wines Pinotage was our favourite. I just love a pinotage and well, my hubby is a bit of a chocoholic to say the least.

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Vanilla ice cream pancake pairing with Wellington Wines Chardonnay


Ice cream, pancakes and wine. Yes, yes and yyyeeeeeesssssss!! Wellington Wines – where ice cream pancakes are born – celebrates 110 years of wine making history. Today I join the celebration with a creamy vanilla ice cream pancake crumbled with ginger biscuits and a dash of cinnamon sugar that is paired with a glass (read: bottle – don’t judge 😀 ) of W Unwooded Chardonnay.

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Dark chocolate ice cream

Dark chocolate ice cream 1

Chocolate eggs and bunnies and hot cross buns and jelly eggs and more chocolate bunnies. Oh, is this not just a fantastic time of the year? My contribution for the weekend’s Easter get-together is this decadent dark chocolate ice cream. It’s super chocolatey (if you can stand more chocolate after the bunnies) and super creamy. As I’m typing this I want to sandwich it between two hot cross buns. My oh my… that would be amazing!

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