Chicken, butternut and sage pasta bake

Chicken butternut sage pasta bake 1

Chicken, butternut, sage and pasta in a creamy sauce that is topped with cheddar cheese and baked to perfection. Now that’s my kind of Monday night dinner. It’s even better if you eat it with a spoon – you can fit more into your mouth that way (free tip; I’m generous like that). 😀

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Broccoli and tuna fusilli

Broccoli and tuna fusilli 1

A few years ago I made a tuna and broccoli quiche and the combination stayed with me – I could taste the contrasting textures, the saltiness of the tuna versus the freshness of the broccoli when just thinking about it; it really was a culinary revelation in my opinion. 😉 When I then made this broccoli and tuna fusilli a few days ago, I was super angry at myself for waiting so long to marry these two ingredients again, and at the same time I wanted to kiss myself (if that’s even possible) for indulging in these flavours. Try it, it really will change your life for the better. 😀

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