Recipe Roundup: 12 Chicken Salads


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Butternut and chicken salad with baby spinach and orange


Although another cold front will be hitting us on Thursday, I decided that it’s salad season! To celebrate I bring you a scrumptious, flavourful and bright butternut and chicken salad with baby spinach, avocado, feta cheese, zesty orange slices and sesame and flax seeds for some texture (and added goodness). This salad is great for lunch or a light dinner, and I think it would be fantastic if you layer it in a jar and take along with you on a picnic. Enjoy the warmer days – good times ahead! 🙂

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Pearl barley and chicken salad with pomegranate

Pearl barley and chicken salad with pomegranate 1

With the weather we’re experiencing (rain, cold, rain, rain, and more rain) I should’ve opted for a soup or curry recipe for today. Instead I give you this hearty pearl barley and chicken salad with pomegranate and other goodies, because I’m still living in a world where it is autumn (I-don’t-need-to-wear-six-jackets-type-of-weather). I’ve seasoned the chicken with a spicy coffee herb mix that gives it an earthy taste that marries well with the sweet yellow pepper and fresh cucumber. Also, how pretty are those pomegranate seeds?

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