Creamy chicken and broccoli soup

Chicken and broccoli soup 1

I know, more soup. I can’t help it. It’s been a soupy winter. Also, this might not be the last soup recipe you’ll see on here for the season. I got a few more surprises up my sleeve. But back to this deliciously creamy chicken and broccoli soup … you just have to make it. Tonight. And for lunch tomorrow. And for brunch on Saturday. It’s that good!

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Red lentil and vegetable soup

Red lentil and vegetable soup 1

After a(nother) week of overindulgence, it’s back to cleaner eating: less sugar, less meat, less starch and more fruit, more veggies and more water. This red lentil and vegetable soup fits in great with the healthier eating plan, and I’m stoked to let you know it’s absolutely delicious (which is not always the case with diet-type food). Here’s to a week of detox!

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Spinach and broccoli soup

Spinach and broccoli soup 1

Just a quick hello from my side! It’s freezing over here we’ve been eating some form of soup nearly every day. This one is a healthy vegetarian green soup that’s packed with spinach and broccoli and a hint of fresh basil. Top with some feta cheese and black pepper and you’re ready to go. Stay warm everyone!

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Chunky vegetable and pearl barley soup

Chunky vegetable and pearl barley soup 1

Yes, another soup recipe. 🙂 Winter is in full swing over here. I have seven layers of clothing on, a hot water bottle and a crocheted blanky for good measure. My hands are a weird shade of blue and I can barely see through the small slit between my beanie and scarf. So, soup. A chunky vegetable and pearl barley soup: comforting, hearty, warm and filling. It’s good!

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Sweet potato and butternut soup

Sweet potato and butternut soup 1

I am blessed with loads of work at the moment (for any freelancer this is the best news ever!), but to my detriment I don’t spend as much time blogging as I want to. In fact, I don’t spend as much time cooking as I want to either. So today I bring you a really quick and easy sweet potato and butternut soup… one, two, three and you’ve made a healthy meal to satisfy even your meat-loving hubby. Have a great weekend everyone!

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