Harissa chicken tagine with chickpeas and apricots


I’ve been through a few phases these past few years. First there was green curry … in chicken, prawns, with veggies – everything! And then came the red curry phase, *gulp*, I mean everything was red curried! Enter harissa paste. Yes, you guessed it, I just cannot get enough of this North African spicy paste. It’s amazing with lamb, butternut and dates, but it is truly magnificent in this harissa chicken tagine with chickpeas and apricots. Harissa forever!

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Lamb and prune tagine

lamb and prune tagine 1

Every day is a perfect day for a tagine, but on cold rainy days it is particularly delicious. This lamb and prune tagine has only a few ingredients that gives it a major flavour punch. The sweetness of the prunes compliment the rich lamb extremely well, while the white wine softens the meat and makes for a wonderful sauce to go with the couscous. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: if you don’t have a tagine yet, please invest in one … you will thank me for it. 🙂

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