Take five: Pie dishes

Cornish pie, chicken and mushroom pie, pepper steak pie, venison pie … pie, pie and more pie. Because that is what comfort food dreams are made of. And it has to look pretty, because that’s what the best dreams are made of.

Here are five of my favourite pie dishes:


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Take five: Kitchen scales

Although I’m not much of a baker (yet), there are certain recipes that require exact measurements – for these a kitchen scale is of utmost importance. How else will you know to add 50 g more chocolate chips peanut butter than the original cookie recipe says? Also, a pretty kitchen scale looks amazing on a floating kitchen shelf.

Here are five of my favourite kitchen scales:


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Take five: Steak knives

Is there anything worse than being handed a blunt knife to cut through a juicy piece of rump steak? If this happens to me (it happens way to often) I usually struggle so much that I attract the attention of everyone around the dinner table and by the time I get a piece of meat to my mouth it is cold and ripped to shreds. When the cook then asks if the meat is tough, I usually answer with a friendly, “No, it’s absolutely delicious!”. The thoughts running through my head are not quite so polite. So please please please, be kind to your dinner guests and supply them with the correct eating utensils that are in good working condition.

Here are five of my favourite steak knives:

laguioleLaguiole by Andre Verdier

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Take five: Woks and Competition! [Closed]

One of our friends recently received a lightweight wok for her birthday, and I’m super jealous. It seems to cook food very quickly and is great for stir-frying, steaming, smoking and deep-frying. Apparently it is also very easy to clean, which always counts for a lot in my book. So I’ve started my research in the quest to buy the best wok out there.

Win a R300 Yuppiechef voucher!

Simply leave a comment below describing what delicious meal you will cook in your wok. The winning dish will also feature as a post on Add Some Butter. (Have a look at the previous competition winner’s post here.)

Competition closes on 26 June 2015. The competition is open for South African residents only. My hubby and I will judge the dishes and our decision is final.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I just really love Yuppiechef and would like to share the experience with you!

Here are five of my favourite woks:



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Take five: Toasters

We don’t own a toaster. When we want toasted bread we pop it on the sandwich press. It works well, but breadcrumbs often scatter far and wide making cleaning up a bigger chore than it should be. With toast making waves among foodies, I think one should consider investing in a good toaster that can accommodate anything from rye bread to ciabatta. You should also be able to control the intensity of the toast (my mom loves a real dark toast while I prefer it on the softer side).

Here are five of my favourite toasters:


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