Breads & Muffins

12 savoury muffins // Almond muffins // Baby marrow and cheddar muffins // Bacon and jalapeno muffins // Bacon and parmesan muffins // Banana and peanut butter muffins // Banana bread // Basic bread recipe // Basil pesto and pumpkin seed bread // Beer bread with thyme // Biltong and parmesan muffins // Butternut bread // Cheddar and basil pesto muffins // Cheese and herb muffins // Chocolate and banana muffins // Compact brown bread // Corn and cheddar muffins // Corn, bacon and jalapeno bread // Date and banana muffins with pecan nuts // Double chocolate muffins // Garlic and cheese rolls with fresh parsley // Garlic chilli bread // Ham and cheese rolls // Ham, basil and feta muffins // Honey and oats bread // Onion loaf // Peach and almond muffins // Pear and caramel muffins // Raisin bread // Sourdough bread // Spinach and feta muffins // Sweet corn and cheese bread // Three cheese and caramelized onion muffins // Wheat bread with sunflower seeds


12 granolas // Almond and date granola // Apple and almond granola // Baby marrow waffles with bacon and poached eggs // Bacon, avo and cheese french toast // Bacon and onion frittata // Bacon and spring onion omelette // Baked eggs with mushrooms, spinach and parmesan // Baked oats with strawberries and coconut milk // Corn flapjacks with bacon and avo // Corn waffles with ham and rocket // Cranberry and macadamia nut granola // Flapjacks with cream cheese and bacon // Flapjacks with maple syrup and peanuts // French toast with guacamole and peppered ham // French toast with ham and cheese // Granola with pecan nuts // Honey granola with sunflower and pumpkin seeds // Mixed nuts and honey granola // Mushroom and brinjal frittata // Mushroom and chorizo omelette  // Mushrooms, fried egg and rocket on sourdough // Pea and ham frittata // Peach and cashew granola // Peanut butter granola // Poached egg with bacon and spinach on rye // Poached egg with spinach and mushroom // Potato and mushroom frittata // Scrambled egg breakfast bun // Scrambled eggs with chives and bacon open sandwich // Spanish omelette // Sweet potato hash with fried egg and bacon // Three cheese french toast with spring onion // Yogurt breakfast parfait with pomegranate and almonds


12 chicken curries // Beef curry with tomato and avocado salsa // Brinjal and marrow tomato curry // Brinjal and mushroom curry stirfry // Butter chicken curry // Chicken and butternut curry with peanut butter // Chicken and cashew curry // Chicken and lemon curry // Chicken and pineapple curry // Chicken curry with coconut milk, cauliflower and poppy seeds // Chicken curry with peanuts and raisins // Chicken masala with onions and carrots // Chunky chilli and pepper sauce // Dhal // Fiery crockpot chicken curry // Fiery shrimp with pineapple // Fruity curry with Turkish apricots // Hearty lamb curry // Lamb and spinach curry // Lamb curry with apricots // Lamb curry with tomatoes, dried apricots and dates // Paneer butter chicken masala // Spinach, potato and lamb curry // Tandoori chicken // Thai green beef curry // Thai green chicken curry // Thai red beef curry // Trinchado with soft rolls // Vegetarian chilli


12 apple desserts // Apple crumble // Apple tart with lemon zest // Banting fried vanilla ice cream // Castle chocolate milk stout ice cream // Chai tea ice cream // Cheesecake and chocolate brownie ice cream // Cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate // Chocolate brownies // Chocolate cheesecake ice cream // Chocolate waffles and chocolate ice cream // Cherry tart // Coconut cream pie // Coffee and coconut ice cream // Dark chocolate ice cream // Fig jam ice cream // Granadilla tart // Greek frozen yogurt with honey and almond nibs // Guava ice cream // Hazelnut ice cream  // Honey drizzled waffles with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and almonds // Lemon granita // Mango and vodka ice cream // Marquise au chocolat // Melon and honey ice cream // Milo ice cream // No bake chocolate and almond tart // Peanut butter cheesecake // Peanut butter ice cream // Peppermint crisp tart // Pineapple pudding // Prune and sherry ice cream // Raspberry frozen yogurt // Roasted macadamia and fudge ice cream // Roly-poly // Rose petal jam ice cream // Saucy plum tarte tatin // Strawberry ice cream // Toasted almond and honey no bake cheesecake // Vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and salted peanut sauce // Waffles with cream caramel ice cream // Waffles with kiwi ice cream and white chocolate sauce // Waffles with vanilla ice cream, marshmallows and chocolate sauce // Zesty no bake lemon tart

Drinks & Popsicles

Banana and peanut butter smoothies // Banana and pineapple shake // Cranberry and apple iced tea // Date and banana smoothies // Dom Pedro with hazelnut liqueur // Fruit shake // Green smoothie with peaches // Hazelnut praline popsicles with crushed chocolate cookies // Mango and banana popsicles // Melon and pineapple smoothies // Mixed berry yogurt popsicles // Papaya smoothies // Pear and honey smoothies // Pineapple beer // Raspberry and banana shake // Rooibos iced tea with lemon and honey // Rooibos tea popsicles with mango and granadilla // Strawberry and banana smoothie // Strawberry yogurt popsicles


Beef and vegetable stirfry // Beef chow mein // Burmese noodles with prawns // Cashew and chicken stirfry noodles with broccoli and peppers // Cauliflower and beef stirfry with cashew nuts // Cauliflower and mushroom stirfry noodles with cashew nuts // Chicken, chilli and lemon fried noodles // Hearty chicken noodles // Malaysian fried rice noodles with pork // Mixed seafood noodles // Peanut butter chilli chicken // Pork and pineapple stirfry noodles with marmalade sauce // Red curry butternut noodles // Shrimp noodle salad // Spinach, broccoli and chicken stirfry with sesame seeds // Stirfry pork with pineapple and baby marrows

Pasta & Pizza

12 rigatoni pastas // Bacon and baby marrow carbonara // Bacon and spinach pasta // Beef and broccoli penne with basil pesto // Beef and spinach pasta bake // Beef pasta with peppers // Biltong and avo pizza // Blue cheese and bacon pasta // Boerewors pizza: two ways // Broccoli and tuna fusilli // Butternut and blue cheese pasta // Cauliflower and bacon pasta // Chicken and caramelised onion fusilli // Chicken and fresh basil pasta with parmesan sauce // Chicken, butternut and sage pasta bake // Chorizo and avocado pizza // Creamy bacon and parmesan pasta with avo // Creamy fettuccine with bacon and mushrooms // Creamy tuna pasta //Farfalle with chicken and creamy bacon sauce // Fettuccine with creamy parmesan sauce and brussels sprouts // Fettuccine with mushroom and tomato sauce // German spaetzle // Gnocchi with vegetable ragù // Ham and pea pasta // Mushroom and chicken pasta with grainy mustard // Mushroom and mince pizza // Mushroom and white wine pasta // Oyster mushroom and tuna pizza // Penne with broccoli and crispy bacon // Penne with chicken and pecorino // Rigatoni with chicken and mushrooms // Rigatoni with chicken, feta and butternut // Rigatoni with chorizo and peppers // Salami and basil pizza  // Spaghetti and meatballs // Spicy chicken pasta // Spinach and chorizo pasta // Sundried tomato pasta

Pies & Quiches

12 great quiches // 12 savoury pies // Bacon and brussels sprouts quiche // Biltong and dill quiche // Chicken and mushroom pie // Chicken and sweet potato harissa pot pies // Chicken and vegetable pie // Cornish pie // Cottage pie with Guinness // Kudu pie // Lamb curry pot pies // Mushroom and herb quiche // Pepper steak pie // Spinach and mushroom quiche // Tuna and broccoli quiche // Upside-down mushroom and onion pie

Sandwiches, Burgers & Wraps

Beef and brinjal pitas with tzatziki // Beef sliders with caramelized onions and blue cheese // Brinjal and red pepper sandwich // Brinjal, spinach and mushroom quesadillas with Kasselshoop Nettle Cheddar // Cheese steak sandwich with tomato and guacamole // Chicken and mozzarella quesadillas // Chicken and mushroom pitas // Chicken burgers with chilli mayo // Chicken sandwich with dried cranberries // Chicken tikka burger with camembert cheese // Chilli mince quesadillas // Crockpot spicy beef wrap // Flamkuchen // French loaf open sandwiches // Grilled ham and cheese with guacamole and fried eggs // Jack Daniel’s chicken wrap // Jan Braai’s Vryheidsvegter Burger // Ostrich curried meatball subs // Pastrami, brie and fig sandwiches // Pulled pork sandwich with pineapple // Spicy chicken wraps with guacamole and feta cheese // Steak and egg burgers // Steak and onion sandwiches // Shrimp wraps with mango salsa


12 chicken salads // Apricot salad with paprika and celery // Bacon and papaya salad // Bacon and potato salad // Baked apple salad // Beef and brinjal salad // Beetroot, feta and rocket salad // Beetroot, carrot and apple salad // Biltong and fig salad with halloumi cheese // Broccoli and red pepper salad // Butternut and chicken salad with baby spinach and orange // Chicken and peach salad // Chicken and pineapple salad with red pepper and baby greens // Chicken and prickly pear salad // Chorizo and sweet potato salad // Couscous and chicken salad with figs and peaches // Green salad with beef and basil pesto // Grilled nectarine and chicken salad with blue cheese // Lentil salad with bacon, feta and mint // Mango and bacon salad // Melon and salami salad // Melon and strawberry salad with bacon and feta // Papaya and chicken salad with cashew nuts // Papaya and pastrami salad // Pear and walnut salad // Pearl barley and chicken salad with pomegranate // Roast butternut and couscous salad // Strawberry and avocado salad // Strawberry and caramalised peanut salad // Warm chicken and potato salad with brussels sprouts


12 winter soups // Broccoli soup // Brown onion soup // Carrot soup with crème fraîche // Chicken and sweetcorn soup // Chilli con carne soup // Chunky vegetable and pearl barley soup // Creamy chicken and broccoli soup // Green prawn curry broth // Potato and chorizo soup with feta cheese // Potato and mushroom soup // Red lentil and vegetable soup // Spinach and broccoli soup // Sweet potato and butternut soup // Tomato and basil soup // Thai chicken soup with shimeji mushrooms // Vegetable soup with Thai red curry


Chicken and chickpea tagine // Chicken and sweet potato tagine with peanuts // Chicken, date and spinach tagine // Harissa chicken tagine with chickpeas and apricots // Lamb and apricot tagine // Lamb and prune tagine // Lamb tagine with butternut // Lamb tagine with harissa and pomegranate // Red curry chicken tagine with orange juice and dates


12 sweet cookies // 12 waffles // Add Some Butter is one year old // Add Some Butter is two years old // Add Some Butter is three years old // Almond shortbread // Beef and mushroom brown rice bowl // Beef stirfry with baby cabbage // Beef stroganoff // Boeuf bourguignon // Brinjal and baby marrow bake // Chicken and red onion skewers with sesame seeds // Chicken cordon bleu // Chicken parmesan // Chicken thighs with lemon and thyme // Chocolate and oats cookies // Coffee flavoured coconut ice // Creamy garlic snails // Creamy shrimp sauce // Crunchies with roasted nuts and honey // Date and coconut balls // Fish cakes // Greek meze // Lemon and dark chocolate cookies // Milo balls // Moussaka / Mozzarella garlic bread // No bake milk chocolate treats // Nut and seed date balls // Pan-seared pork chops with fresh rosemary // Paptert // Peanut butter cookies // Picnic at the National Botanical Gardens // Pork chops with fruit chutney and apricot jam // Potato and brinjal side dish // Potato and caramelized onion bake with rosemary // Roasted brinjal and cauliflower // Roasted brussels sprouts, beetroot and carrots with thyme and macadamia oil // Rustic chimichurri sauce // Spicy chocolate cookies // Spicy prawns // Spinach and feta cigars // Sundried tomato and mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts // Sweet corn side dish // Yogurt and coriander chicken wings


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