Date and banana muffins with pecan nuts

Date and banana muffins with pecan nuts 1

I’ve baked these date and banana muffins with pecan nuts for the first time a few weeks back, and now I’m totally hooked. I can’t get enough of it! I literally make the trip to the grocery store just to buy a few bananas so I can bake these beauties. It looks kind of weird, my basket totally empty but for a few bananas in a plastic bag. It is worth it, though. Every bite a masterpiece, as my hubby would say.:)

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Spinach and broccoli soup

Spinach and broccoli soup 1

Just a quick hello from my side! It’s freezing over here we’ve been eating some form of soup nearly every day. This one is a healthy vegetarian green soup that’s packed with spinach and broccoli and a hint of fresh basil. Top with some feta cheese and black pepper and you’re ready to go. Stay warm everyone!

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