Cauliflower and mushroom stirfry noodles with cashew nuts


After a weekend of celebrating Heritage Day with lots of meat on the braai, I’ve never been so glad for meat-free Mondays. This vegetarian cauliflower and mushroom stirfry noodles with cashew nuts, sesame seeds and spring onion is better than any Chinese take-out I’ve tried (and I llllllove Chinese take-out). It is just packed with flavour, different textures and goodness – an awesome way to start the week.

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Harissa chicken tagine with chickpeas and apricots


I’ve been through a few phases these past few years. First there was green curry … in chicken, prawns, with veggies – everything! And then came the red curry phase, *gulp*, I mean everything was red curried! Enter harissa paste. Yes, you guessed it, I just cannot get enough of this North African spicy paste. It’s amazing with lamb, butternut and dates, but it is truly magnificent in this harissa chicken tagine with chickpeas and apricots. Harissa forever!

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Easy granola with pecan nuts

Granola with pecan nuts 1

A while back we made a short trip to Vanwyksdorp, a small town not far from where we live. I actually had no idea of the town’s existence until I read an article about it in a magazine. It was so refreshing to see a community function with only the basics, and with nature being the focus of everything. We had a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop and bought a bag of pecan nuts from one of the local farmers.

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Add Some Butter is three years old: five of the year’s best recipes!

I can’t believe I kept at this for three whole years. It’s insane! I’m actually quite proud of myself (I feel I can say that here – this is my safe place). Let’s hope I can keep going for a bit longer.😀

The past year I bombarded you with breakfast recipes in the form of granola (homemade really is best), soup recipes to cover you for those cold days and I shared with you my newfound love for vegetarian cuisine.

There is however one thing that stands out when I look back at this year, and that is the start of our Cookbook Club. It is such a fun activity: cooking, laughing, eating and generally just having an amazing time. I would like to urge you to start a Cookbook Club in your community and let me know what you are up to.

Thank you to everyone who stops by my blog every now and then.😀

Here are five of my favourite recipes of the past year:

Chicken and sweet potato harissa pot pie 1Chicken and Sweet Potato Harissa Pot Pies

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